Kelly Marie Garber Quotes

01/27/05 - Kelly and Dad were having dinner at Friendly's after CCD class. Kelly was acting all silly and I asked her if she acts all silly with her friends at school (1st grade). She replied 'Sometimes'. And then added: 'At lunch one day Emily said; You know what Kelly, when you grow up you should be a clown'. Kelly and I both started laughing at that.

03/12/04 - While sitting next to Dad watching a movie. 'I'm very lucky to have a Dad as nice as you'.

03/10/04 - Kelly talking about Lake Garda friends and Emily Delany: 'I don't think Collin knows, but I'm going to marry him. And Emily, she's in love with Max.'

02/01/04 - (Superbowl Sunday 38!) - When referring to her keen sense of smell: 'I think I have a dog nose, not a kid nose'.

11/4/03 - 'Me and Lane were having too much fun and I fell down and hurt my back.' Lane is her Lake Garda kindergarten friend.

9/6/03 - The four of us are vacationing at the Kapoors Vermont home. Kelly wakes up and is very excited, bouncing round and looks out the window at the deck and says: 'What a beautiful deck! What a beautiful splintery deck!'. She is still haunted by the splinters she received on the Wheelers deck two years earlier!

6/1/03 - Dad woke up on a Sunday morning to discover that Jennifer had crawled into her parents bed sometime during the night. Dad woke up early and wanted to read in bed, but not wanting to wake Jenn, went and crawled into her spacious bed.
After a while Kelly woke up, saw the light on in Jenn's room and walked in, grabed a book, climbed into bed with her Dad and read with him. Dad and Kelly ended up chit-chatting and laughing until the rest of the crew woke up.
It was a very a very touching moment.

01/24/2003 - After dinner, Kelly was drawing at the kitchen table. Kelly asked me to spell: 'Gorby and Mittens, Love From Kelly' so she could write it on her paper. When she was done, she said she was going to pretend that she was going up to Heaven to visit Gorby (our old Golden Retreiver) and Mittens (our old orange kitty) to give them her paper. Then she got really excited and said that when she went to bed tonight, she would look out her window for the biggest star and say, 'I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight...' so she could really go to Heaven for a little while to visit Gorby and Mittens...

01/20/03 - Kelly noticed a hand puppet Jennifer had made at school.
Kelly: Jennifer, did you make this?
Jennifer: Yes
Kelly: Did you make it for me?
Jennifer: Yes
Kelly: Thanks Jennifer! It's so beautiful I thought I made it myself

01/20/03 - Kelly was playing hide-and-seek with Jennifer. She popped out of her hiding place and screamed 'BOO!'. Then said 'I even scared myself!'.

01/19/03 - After receiving Communion at Church on Sunday, I (Mom) was kneeling and praying. Kelly was kneeling next to me and whispered, 'Mommy, when you're done praying you've got to turn around and see how big that lady's teeth are.'
I was caught in uncontollable laughter... Oh, and she was right, they were very big!

12/09/02 - At the evening Little Angels Christmas Party Dad asked Kelly if she was scared to sit on Santas lap, she replied: 'I was dying to sit on his lap!'. She asked Santa for 'More Pink Babies'.

10/23/02 - Dad is driving both girls to pre-school and asks them both how the are doing. 'Are you feeling tired, excited, sleepy...'. Jennifer answers 'I hungy (hungry)'. Kelly says 'I want to hug a dolphin'! The thoughts going through a childs active mind never ceases to amaze me.

9/23/02 - Kelly and I (Mom) were playing with her Light Brite in her room before she went to bed. All of sudden, she looks at me and says: 'Mommy, I didn't show anyone my privates today, I didn't ask anyone if I could see theirs...' She had a proud, beaming smile on her face...

6/5/02 - "Daddy (dramatic pause), it flew like a bird." - We were sitting in a restaurant booth and she had pulled and flicked some debris from the bottom of her shoe. She whispered the quote in her fathers ear. "Flew like a bird" is an expression her father often uses.

6/5/02 - "May I try some of your ice cream? Ummm..., can I try the rest of it!?" And that she did, and finished the whole bowl.

3/15/02 - "My cough is getting worser and worser and is already worse!"

Unknown - "I'll try not to break it one more time." She was referring to the wing on a ceramic angel that she had already broken off several times.

8/5/01 - "I just didn't feel like listening today." After getting a time-out in pre-school.

7/01/01 - "I ate some of all of it." Referring to her finishing her dinner.

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