June 2002

About the images:

The first seven photos on the page are older then June 2002. They were shot using a function of our digital video camera. They are of low resolution and quality. The reason they're on this page is because this is the month I processed them and I'm too lazy to incorporate them into their proper time space. ;-)

Most all the picures were shot with the Canon 1D. If the filename begins with 'B9FC', it was shot with the 1D. Some were mistakenly shot in jpeg mode. Most were shot in RAW mode. The ones shot in raw have an 'L' for linear just before the '.jpg' file extension.

Those shot in raw were converted to 16bit linear files using Breeze Browser. I then used Fred Mirandas Photoshop action for baseline processing.

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Nicholas Zell - 2 Months old\nTaken 6/29/2001 7/18/2001 7/18/2001 7/18/2001 Kelly 4th Bday Party\n11/17/2001 Kelly 4th Bday Party\n11/17/2001 Kelly 4th Bday Party\n11/17/2001 Jennifer 10/6/2001 Ballet 11/5/2001 Ballet 11/5/2001 Ballet 11/5/2001