Jennifer Garber Quotes

01/27/05 - I was tickling Jennifer before bed last night. She was giggling so intensely I thought she was going to wet herself. She'd giggle, 'stoppppp' and then before I could pull my fingers away, she'd giggle, 'tickle me again, Mommy..'. When that game was finally done, she insisted on sleeping while standing up. She wanted to sleep like a horse. Cute. And I'm 'riding on the rainbow of my childhood dreams....'

7/25/04 - Jennifer is being questioned by the doctor during her five year checkup:

Q: What do you do when your cold?
A: Shiver.
Q: What do you do when your hungry?
A: Grumble.
Q: What do you do when your tired?
A: Whine.
The doctor was expecting answers like, pull on a blanket, eat... I told the doctor that Jen answers things in a very literal manner.

07/04/04 - Happy 4th of July! 'I know you have a movie called Boogie Nights. Is it about having boogies (runny nose) all night long'.

04/05/04 - Putting Jennifer into our bed after her 45 minute timer. I carry her into my bed and she says, 'I want to go on Daddy's side'. I say 'Mmm hmm.. you are Daddy's little girl.' and she says, 'yes. I think I came out of Daddy's belly. Did I?' And said no babies only come from Mommmies bellies. She's still pretty sure that she came from Daddy's belly....

03/04/04 - From Jennifer to Kelly while playing in the new basement: 'Please don't harm me!'

03/04/04 - 'I love everything in the world except robbers, bubblebees and hornets.'

02/01/04 - Her first words (whispered) out of bed, before even seeing her Dad. 'Daddy' pause 'Can you please help carry the crayons downstairs?' She has been on a huge coloring binge, basically every waking hour for weeks now...

01/22/04 - Jennifer, while eating her baked beans, referred to the juice as 'bean syrup'. Mom & Dad had a good laugh...

11/12/03 - Jennifer to her Mother: 'I love you so much I could hug you all day!'.

06/01/03 - Dad was dropping the girls off at pre-school and explaining to them that he would be mountain biking that evening and wouldn't see them until the next morning. Jennifer whispered into her Dads ear 'When you come home, the first thing you need to do is come give me a big hug and kiss'.
Two points: 1) There is nothing sweeter than having a young child whisper into your ear. 2) Disregard the 1st point, there is nothing sweeter than having your young child ask you to come wake her up to give her a big hug and kiss.

5/20/03 - Jennifer accidentally bit the inside of her cheek. She got all teary eyed and said: "I bit it so hard I think there are teeth marks". It made me (Dad) laugh. Kids often judge the severity of a bite by the presence or absence of teeth marks...

05/04/03 - Mommy, you've got to see what just came out of my body. I don't think I need to tell you where she was when she stated this...

04/03 - Jennifer was sitting on the upstairs potty and explained to her Dad why she doesn't flush in the middle of the night. She thought a little piece of lint was a sleeping bug, and if she flushed it would wake up and bite her and chase her back into her bedroom.

03/22/03 - While sitting at the breakfast table. "I'm doing to much chatting, I need to start eating."

12/30/02 - On the way to 'school' Jennifer was talking about a song on the radio: "Daddy, I like this song, it's cuddly".

12/28/02 - After our morning at the West Hartford Science Center I asked Kelly and then Jennifer what they're favorite part was. In their defense, they were both very tired. Kelly answered "The gift shop". I asked 'What was your next favorite part?', she answered "Nothing". Jennifer quickly answered "My favorite part was everything, but not the gift shop". Jennifer is quickly learning how to push her sisters buttons!

12/09/02 - Jennifer wanted to brush her teeth with her mouth still full of food, and her Dad was pushing her to use the potty first. Jennifer replied: 'My pee pees are not ready to come out yet!' She brushed first...

12/08/02 - At the Little Angles Christmas party Jennifer pushed her way to the front to see Santa Claus. When on his lap she asked him for a watch and a new bike.

10/02 - On the way out the door on the way to 'school' trying to get Jennifer to wear a particular jacket she didn't want to wear: I don't like that jacket, everybody coughs on it. I asked why does everyone cough on it and she answered: They think I'm a tissue!

11/02 - Jennifer has already been to the breakfast table many times. She turns to her Dad and says 'I'm still hungry', Dad says 'Good, because I saved the rest of your yogurt for you.' Jennifer responds 'I'm hungry for something chewing gum'.

8/02 - Last night, at 10:00 p.m. (Frank was still out), after Jennifer had come out of her room for the 5th time, I lay with her for a few minutes. Then I told her I was tired and going to sleep. She said... 'in yo bed?' I said yes. She said 'Can I come wid you?' I said no, gently.. She asked why. I said because mommy wants to sleep with daddy. She thought about it and said ... 'well, I just go in the middle... I be da fluff, and you and daddy can be da bwed(bread)...' She's so adorable...

3/02 - "I'm feeling edgy". Meaning she's feeling a little angry or tense. We later think she was trying to say "wedgie", meaning her underwear was riding up on her! We may never know for sure.

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