Publishing JPG Images to the Web


Copy the EXIF data to the newly created JPG files

  1. Start Breeze Browser and make sure it's open to the directory containing the source raw images.
  2. Select all the images (from the Thumbnail View, Ctrl-A to select all).
  3. Select Tools->EXIF Copy...  Select the .../web directory where the target files live and press OK.

Generate the Web pages!

  1. Select all the images to be posted (from the Thumbnail View, Ctrl-A to select all).
  2. Select Tools->HTML...  Enter a Title, select HTML template: 'black' and set the Settings to 'Custom'.
  3. In the Main Images group, set the Max Size to some values that are greater than any of the images you plan to publish.  Something like 2048x2048.  Check the Reuse existing images checkbox.  These settings will ensure that the original images will by physically copied to the Output directory.
  4. Watermark the main images. Settings: Alignment-Right Justified, Fore color-Bright Yellow / Opaque, Background 100% transparency, Placement-bottom right with 10/5
  5. Create the output directory with Explorer and set the output directory.
  6. Set a size for the thumbnails to 120x120.
  7. Press Generate HTML.


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